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Coming from a broad academic background and having a wide variety of interests, it’s always been hard for me to nail down my LinkedIn headline. I graduated as an ‘Audiovisual Designer’, but I never quite identified as that.

what does that
even mean?

My curiosity and restlessness have led me to work in many different positions and industries. A quick look through my CV reveals different freelance experiences: writer, social media manager, audiovisual assistant, photographer, photojournalist. During my career, I have worked for several magazines, agencies and brands, mostly within the arts, culture and entertainment industries.

"but are you a photographer
or a writer?"

In the era of specialization and niche experts, a diverse, multifaceted profile may seem like a disadvantage; I find it to be my biggest strength.

The pandemic caused me -like it did many others- to reevaluate what I wanted out of life. Since I could no longer photograph events, I decided to take a leap of faith and try a career in writing.

I currently work as a freelance copywriter, photographer and content creator, working with brands all over the world. 

After wearing many different hats throughout my life, there’s one thing that's clear: what I love is telling stories. And I will always work hard to do so creatively and authentically.

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Niches: Arts & Culture, Entertainment

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but don't just
take my word for it

Leah Pattem - Founder and editor of Madrid No Frills

Mel is a highly capable photographer and photojournalist who excels at every job she applies herself to, no matter how challenging the task. Having worked with her numerous times, I have absolute faith that she will always capture the story with accuracy, sensitivity and professionalism while also producing beautiful imagery with the power to captivate both a local and global audience. I'm lucky to have crossed paths with her in the journalism world and look forward to working with her again in the near future.

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The Korean luthier keeping one of Spain's disappearing traditions alive

Right at the intersection of Divino Pastor and Monteleón, in the heart of lively Malasaña, there is a sign that reads ‘Guitarra Ángel Benito Aguado’. If we are lucky enough to find the blinds up, we can see luthier Yunah Park inside, working with silent dedication.

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Empty Spain: The Valley of Fornela

It’s a cloudy and chilly March Saturday in the Valley of Fornela. There are no customers in the bar of the local albergue, only a man called León sitting quietly by the fireplace. “In winter, there are only four of us”, he says while he waits for his café con leche to cool down. He is one of the few remaining residents of Peranzanes, the capital of the valley. All four of his daughters, as most of the youth and adult population, have migrated to urban hubs in search for better opportunities.






Pantera, Madrid's first anti-racist shop, is the manteros' next step in their fight against criminalisation

Located just across the street from Plaza de Nelson Mandela, right in the heart of Lavapiés, sits the clothing store Pantera opened just last month with the mission to help integrate manterxs into the labour market.

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