content & copywriting

content writing: blog + press materials


Work for Retargetly, Data Platform focused on building addressable audience solutions for brands and publishers throughout Latin America.

An introduction to Big Data & DMPs

If you’re familiar with the digital marketing world, you have probably heard about the term Big Data. But what exactly is Big Data? How do we define it?

Start up accelerating programs: ideas in action

We are made of ideas. An idea is born, but how is it taken to action? Starting up a business is no easy task; it requires plenty of time, hard work and dedication. Many entrepreneurs strive to take off in a competitive world where it can be a struggle to get the needed resources.

Meet the team

Retargetly loves expanding its team. Today, we are delighted to introduce our new Sales Manager, who joined us this past March. Meet Brian Burstein.

Retargetly + MediaDesk PR

Retargetly se integra a MediaDesk, el DSP más grande de Latinoamérica.